Feast Your Hungry Eyes On Capital Couture

Capitol CoutureIt's no secret that "Hunger Games" fans are starving for something—anything!—that can take the edge off their anticipation while they wait out the last two months until March 23, when (gaaaaahhhh!) the Games begin. And if you're thinking that there's no better way to kill time than a frilly, flippant fashion mag...well, the gamemakers themselves are right there with you. And if you're looking for us between now and "The Hunger Games" premiere, you can find us curled up on the couch with the long-awaited online issue of Capital Couture!

The site, which first sprang up as a mysterious, mostly-bare template in early January, seems to be coming straight from the Capitol itself—where, of course, image is everything and the tributes are talked about in a markedly condescending tone. And so far, Capital Couture is seriously in character, making good with grooming tips from Effie, "stylist wanted" ads, spotlights on some of the most fantastic fashion to be featured in the film, and a handful of contemporary pieces that showcase that dystopian look. (Who else is dying to snag these Alexander McQueen heels to wear to an opening day screening?!)