'Bridesmaids,' Rooney Mara And More Oscar Nominations We Love

BridesmaidsWho knew that the Hollywood elite loved brassy broads and angsty goth girls as much as we do? The 2012 Oscar nominations came in early this morning, and we're psyched to say that more than a few of our favorite flicks got a nod from the Academy—including plenty of love for the ladies we've been watching all year.

Among the crushworthy gals getting recognized for their great work are Rooney Mara, who hacked, pierced and inked her way to a Best Actress nod for "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"; and Michelle Williams, whose role from "My Week With Marilyn" continues the proud tradition of praise for famous ladies who play other famous ladies. Meanwhile, the nearly all-female cast of the "The Help" earned nominations not just for Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer as Best Supporting Actresses, but also took their movie straight to a spot in the top nine Best Picture contenders. And while he's technically not a lady, our pal Jonah Hill's sensitive and surprisingly straight-laced performance in "Moneyball" got him a Best Supporting Actor nom, too.

But that's not all, y'all—because on top of all this, there's one pick from today's Oscar pool that we love a little more than the others... and that's Melissa McCarthy, who scored a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her incredible performance in "Bridesmaids." And while the girl is in some seriously competitive company, let's be real, it takes a special kind of lady to catch the attention of the Academy by (among other things) pooping in a sink on-screen. Melissa for the win! And also for President!

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