'Secret Circle' Star Britt Robertson Dishes On Tug-Of-War Love Triangle

Poor, Cassie Blake. The pretty spellcaster has not one but two bewitching boys pining after her. Whatever shall she do!? All sarcasm (and jealousy) aside, that was the question we posed to "Secret Circle" star Britt Robertson when we caught up with her at the Sundance Film Festival, where she's promoting her movie "The First Time" (also starring Victoria Justice and "Teen Wolf" actor Dylan O'Brien). And as it turns out, Cassie's decision may hinge squarely on which side of her psyche she favors.

"I think it's always fun to play the triangle," Britt said. "With my character, Cassie, Adam sort of represents this love-at-first-sight, good guy in her life [and] represents the good side of her. There's the darker, evil magic dwelling in her, and Jake obviously represents that. So it's a tug of war, not only with her state of mind but with her heart and feelings, and she'll be playing with those options momentarily. Stay tuned."

We will, of course. And as to the other juicy development in Chance Harbor, namely the return of her dark-magic-wielding father John Blackwell, Britt was loathe to reveal too many details, teasing that he'll be on the series "soon." If only we could find a lip-loosening spell in our own Book of Shadows...

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