Nina Dobrev Wants To Be 'A Sweetheart Or A Drug Addict'...On Screen

Nina DobrevNina Dobrev might be best known right now for her small-screen role on "The Vampire Diaries," but don't count on her staying exclusively in Mystic Falls: The actress has been clocking increasingly cool roles in feature films, and her next appearance—in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"—is likely to catapult her straight to leading-lady status on the big screen. (After all, she's part of our New Class for a reason!) And as the cover girl for February's issue of Nylon, Nina reveals in an interview that she's got serious career aspirations.

"I want to become a different person, and that’s what working in film allows," she explained. "I want to be a punk or a sweetheart or a drug addict! There are so many things to explore... Sometimes they’ll be like, ‘She’s not plain enough.’ Or ‘She’s not edgy enough.' That frustrates me. I feel like a blank canvas, and I wish people would be a little more open-minded."

All of which is to say, Nina doesn't like to be typecast or pigeonholed—and she scoffs at stereotypes, onscreen and off. For instance, where plenty of young single 20-somethings live in fear of being labeled the Crazy Cat Lady, Nina owns up to it right off the bat (although, to be fair, she prefers the term "Cat Woman"):

"I love my furry friends," she said. "I even made a calendar for 2012. It’s called My Pussies: A Hairy Love Story."

We're going to give you a minute to let that sink in, because yeah, she went there. And then we're going to give you a minute to give the girl a standing ovation, because yeah, she went there. And it's not over yet, as she also happily added, "[Cats] just migrate to me. I’m pretty sure I was a cat in a past life."

And there you have it: Nina Dobrev. Reincarnated cat, calendar girl and our new favorite crazy person. In a good way.

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