Jennifer Lawrence Takes Aim In Final 'Hunger Games' Poster

It won't be long now before we're actually watching "The Hunger Games" movie, instead of just thinking about it, talking about it, choreographing interpretive dances about it and obsessing over every last little sneak peeky tidbit the studio deigns to tease us with. (What do you mean, you haven't been choreographing interpretive "Hunger Games" dances? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A FAN.)

But in the meantime, Lionsgate (via Moviefone) has thrown us another delicious bone: the final poster for the film, featuring the trademark flaming Mockingjay just beneath a big, bow-and-arrow-toting Jennifer Lawrence, who's taking aim at...well, us, it looks like. (Katniss, don't shoot! We're on your side!)

With its up-close-and-personal focus on Katniss in warrior mode, this might just be our favorite bit of publicity since the character posters that came out in late October. The only bad news: It might be time to gather all your "Hunger Games" ephemera into a discreet pile, crawl underneath it and wait out the next two months until the movie's release on March 23—because supposedly, this is the last poster we'll get. Although with a few weeks still to go, there's always a chance of more stills and (dare we suggest it?) maybe another teensy clip to tide us over? Please?

No, seriously, please! The anticipation is killing us!

Click play on the video above to hear Jennifer answer fan questions!

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