New 'Hunger Games' Still: Katniss Becomes The Girl On Fire

Hunger Games Jennifer LawrenceWhen it comes to the cinematic adaptation of literary wunderkind "The Hunger Games," there's probably no more challenging scene to realize onscreen than the one where Katniss and Peeta emerge at the opening ceremony wearing morbid all-black ensembles, and suddenly burst into flame. But while we've had a great time imagining what that moment would look like—even going so far as sketch out our very own vision of the outfit—thanks to an exclusive new still from Entertainment Weekly, we don't have to wonder anymore. 'Cause we're getting a real, actual early look at how Cinna (and by Cinna, we mean costume designer Judianna Makovsky) put the iconic look together! And all together now: OOOOOOOH.

The photo shows the District 12 duo (Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) wearing body-hugging black suits, with neat textural details that echo the faceted look of anthracite. And not only that, you can actually see Lenny Kravitz advancing on them! With a candle! Which means that just after this picture was taken, Katniss officially debuted as The Girl On Fire.

Unfortunately, the actual moment of immolation is the one thing we aren't going to see in advance—after all, the movie's gotta hold something back. But if the producers of "The Hunger Games" were hoping to tease us into a rabid, frothing state of squealing anticipation with this strategically released sneak peek...well, it worked. SQUEEEAL!

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