'Smash' Guest Star Nick Jonas Predicts Series Will Be 'One Of The Biggest Shows'

Nick Jonas is one of the many familiar faces making a cameo on NBC’s highly anticipated, theater-themed drama, “Smash.” With the show’s premiere mere weeks away (February 6! Mark your calendars!), the Broadway-bound singer/actor recently chatted with MTV News about his run on the show.

"The character on 'Smash' is really a fun character,” Nick dished. "He's Lyle West, and he’s kind of a celebrity. He’s just been sold into syndication and, you know, so there’s some financial benefits to all of that. So Anjelica Huston’s character—who’s amazing to work with, by the way, and the whole time I was pinching myself thinking it was a dream—she plays the producer of the show."

Being the keen producer that she is, “She’s trying to get my character to invest in it," Nick continued. "It was such a joy to be a part of the show, and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the biggest shows, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to come back and have another appearance on it. That would be fun. I was so blessed to be a part of it.”

With “Smash” as a leading contender in the mid-season premiere race, it’s just the latest show to rely heavily on America’s rediscovered love of musical theater. And Nick is perfectly happy to be at the forefront of the trend.

"I think it’s exciting that theater is becoming popular. It’s something that I’ve been passionate about from a young age,” the 19-year-old stage vet said. “The opportunity as an actor to sing and act and dance all at the same time is amazing, and you really only get to do that in the theater and on ‘Glee’ and other shows like ‘Smash’ and things like that. I’m so excited that it’s becoming part of the world, and I’ve always sort of always been into it. And I’m glad to see the rest of the world is catching up as well.”

Nick’s episode airs February 27. He'll kick off his starring role in “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying” on January 24, picking up where both Daniel Radcliffe and Darren Criss left off before him.