'Hunger Games,' 'Cosmopolis' Among Final Four In MTV Movie Brawl 2012

Take off your gloves and put on your fighting hats! We're down to the Final Four in our epic MTV Movie Brawl 2012, and things are about to get ugly. (But don't worry, not too ugly; after all, we've still got a Robert Pattinson movie on the board.)

The good news: After a neck-and-neck race to the finish, "The Hunger Games" beat out "John Carter" to advance to the next round of competition—proving once again that people really, really want to see the first of Suzanne Collins' epic trilogy up on the big screen, like, NOW. But the dystopian drama faces a fierce opponent in this upcoming battle, after "The Woman in Black" made a rapid climb through the ranks to reach the Final Four. Will the cachet of the actor formerly known as Harry Potter be a bigger draw than this YA crowd-pleaser? Well, IT WILL BE IF YOU DON'T VOTE.

And on the other side of the chart, two dark thrillers starring two handsome dudes are about to brawl for a spot in the final showdown: "Cosmopolis" and "The Dark Knight Rises" are facing off after Robert Pattinson, Businessman kicked the bejeezus out of Robert Pattinson, Sparkly Vampire. Will the loyalties of "Twilight" fans be lost now that Edward is out of the running? Or will Rob get a strong showing from his fan base regardless of what film he's in?

...What? No, we're asking you! Tell us what you think with your next vote in the MTV Movie Brawl!

Are you on tenterhooks to see who makes it to the championship round?