'Hunger Games' Cast Have Their Eyes On The Prize In New Still

We're never not-hungry for new info from the upcoming "Hunger Games" movie, and today, we're gobbling up this latest tidbit like WHOA: a new still from the film! The just-released photo (via The L.A. Times) shows Katniss, Effie and Haymitch on a couch at the Capitol, eyes fixed on...um. You know, we don't know what, actually. But from the distressed expressions on everyone's faces, we're guessing it's not a fun and funky new episode of "Panem's Got Talent." Even Haymitch, with a mysterious (and undoubtedly strong!) brown-colored drink in hand, looks positively nauseated by whatever he's looking at. What could it be? Footage from a previous Hunger Games? A behind-the-scenes look at the making of muttations? Newly leaked footage from the President Snow sex tape?

...Okay, now we're nauseated.

But the important thing is, we've got more sneak peekage from the set of 2012's most hotly-anticipated film. And a serious case of the Envies for Jennifer Lawrence's perfectly perfect hair. And a brand-new outfit to add to our Effie Trinket paper doll collection! And... hey, look at that fabulous Capitol furniture. So leather sofas are still available even after the end of the world as we know it? Huh. Interesting.

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