Celebrate The 3D Re-Release Of 'Beauty And The Beast' With Beauties And Their Beasts

It's a tale as old as time, yet one we never tire of. Twenty years after its debut, Disney is re-releasing a 3D version of its classic "Beauty and the Beast," meaning a whole new generation will have "Be Our Guest" stuck in their heads for the next five weeks or so.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to fawn over a few of our favorite beauties and their beasts. Because little else tugs at the heartstrings as tightly as a pretty person holding an equally adorable animal. There's songstress Taylor Swift and her cuddly kitty, Meredith, (named after a certain dramatic doc on "Grey's Anatomy"), Selena Gomez and her precious puppy, Baylor, (which she adopted with BF Justin Bieber) and Katy Perry and her similarly named feline, Kitty Purry.

If these images don't get you in the mood for a tender Disney flick, nothing will.

Click on the pic above to peruse our entire Beauties and Their Beasts gallery!

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