'iCarly' Star Miranda Cosgrove Wants To 'Have The College Experience'

Like the Olsens, Emma Watson and Natalie Portman before her, Miranda Cosgrove is putting her acting career on hold this fall to attend college. The “iCarly” star is all set to matriculate at the University of Southern California, and when she stopped by the MTV News offices this week to chat about Michelle Obama's guest appearance on her Nick show, she also revealed why she wanted to pursue her latest role as college co-ed.

“I’m really excited. I loved school. I went to school until fifth grade, and then I started doing home schooling, but I just loved everything about it,” she explained. “I loved being in the classroom and having friends and the whole school environment. So I’m excited to maybe live in a dorm and make new friends and have the college experience.”

Miranda will start classes later this year, and while many of her classmates may be “undeclared” for some time, Miranda has a pretty solid idea of what she plans to study. “Right now it’s going to be theater, but I feel like I might [study other things too]. One of the reasons I want to go so much is I kind of want to explore different things and make sure. You know I might want to do other things to.”

Though, for now, the 18-year-old fully intends to immerse herself and become a full-on theater nerd. Someone page the glee club! “I’m gonna start with theater because I really do love acting,” she said. “But I’m gonna maybe try some other stuff.”

Can you picture Miranda as a theater major?