Style Superstar: Jennifer Lawrence Is A Beauty In Blue

For the fashion-focused, there's no better time than awards season—when stylish stars of all shapes and sizes emerge in their best, boldest and (sometimes) most delightfully wacky get-ups. And this week, our best and worst dressed conveniently showed up at the very same event! Whose People's Choice outfit was...well, one choice outfit? And whose style statement turned out to be misinformed? Read on, yo.

There was no question this week as to who won the honors for most styling' superstar of all: Jennifer Lawrence showed up to the People's Choice Awards in this Victor and Rolf dress, and it was all over. It's a bold and unusual design—in fact, with those swirling cobalt whorls (which are artfully arranged on the bodice to cover essential ladyspots), it almost looks like it belongs on a District 4 contestant in "The Hunger Games" movie!—but Jennifer is a bold and unusual girl, and she's wearing the hell out of it. And with smoky eyes, sleek hair and minimal jewelry, she's style-savvy enough to let the dress speak for itself. Or, in the words of the ghostly Templar knight from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade": She chose...wisely.

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But Lucy Hale? Alas, she chose...poorly. And it's a shame, because this Cengiz Abazoglu minidress, with its asymmetrical neckline and cascading trains, seemed seriously fun in theory! But in practice, we just wanted to pull her aside and clear away those awkward chiffon hangers-on with a few strategic snips—and while we're at it, to switch out her shoes for something more manageable. Overall, the busy design of her gown and the clunky silhouette of her round-toe platform heels are too overwhelming on Lucy's tiny frame; a sleeker shoe would have done wonders to streamline the look.

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