Kristen Stewart Scores A Big Deal With Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart has a lot on her 2012 plate—being a badass vampire in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," bedding a beatnik in "On the Road" and battling evil in "Snow White and the Huntsman"—but don't think that will stop her from taking on yet another (albeit very different) role.

Women's Wear Daily has the skinny on where to spot Kristen next: as the new face of Balenciaga Scent! The actress, despite being known for her relative down-to-earth-ness when it comes to high-end fashion, described the Balenciaga brand as one of the few she's always found recognizable and expressed her delight at being on board... well, as enthusiastically as Kristen ever expresses anything, calling it "just cool." (What can we say; the girl's not a gusher.)

This marks KStew's first big endorsement deal, and she's following in some pretty fancy footsteps; she'll be joining a club whose only other member is the iconic Charlotte Gainsbourg, the face of Balenciaga Paris perfume. But while Kristen's endorsement is the most haute-couture to come out of the "Twilight" franchise, she isn't the first star of the films to score one—after all, Bryce Dallas Howard became the first-ever face of Kate Spade around this time last year. And let's not forget the more, er, revealing campaigns to which some "Twilight" actors have attached themselves: Kellan Lutz stripped to his skivvies as a spokesman for Calvin Klein; Christian Serratos bared all in an ad for PETA and Ashley Greene did her duty as a SoBe spokeswoman wearing nothing but a thin layer of paint.

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