'Pretty Little Liars' Stars Lucy Hale, Keegan Allen Theorize About Next Season's Twists

We know there's always something dramatic happening with our "Pretty Little Liars"—it's part of the reason why we love them so. Obviously, all of our attention is focused on the show's biggest mystery, namely the unveiling of A's identity, which if we find out the answer at the end of this season (which we're supposed to) leaves a lot of room for new dramatic plot twists and turns next season.

MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with stars Lucy Hale and Keegan Allen at the People's Choice Awards last night (Lucy brought Keegan as her date! How cute is that?!?), where we tried to gain some insight from the two as to what might unfold next and what kind of mystery will replace the identity of A.

"I can tell you that the girls go through insane trials and tribulations," Keegan teased. "The most interesting thing to me is Aria and Ezra's relationship. Obviously [Lucy] will tell you more about it when she gets here. Toby and Spencer go through this insane whirlwind of emotions. A is doing some stuff. I don't want to say anything, but it's going to be pretty out of control."

So what might replace the A identity drama next season?

"Obviously there is going to be something that keeps it going," Keegan said. "There are so many secrets that revolve around that story line, so there is always somewhere to go, always things to find out and secrets to unveil."

"I'm sure they'll come up with something," Lucy added. "I'm sure there will be some kind of twist. I'm really curious myself because I honestly have no idea where they're going with it. We'll see."

Will we still be seeing rockiness in Aria and Ezra's romance?

"Oh, yes, Ezra and Aria, they released the information to her parents. They're obviously not very happy. It's sort of like they've taken a few steps backwards, so they're starting from square one almost," she explained. "They're a strong couple though, so I'm rooting for them."

What do you think of this drama? Will Aria and Ezra get back together? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

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