Grey Damon Teases What’s Next For 'Naive' Lee On 'Secret Circle' (Including A Possible Faye Romance)

Grey DamonThis week's Hump Day Hottie, Grey Damon, is unsure of how long he’ll be casting spells on "The Secret Circle," but he knows that he’s having a really great time examining the world of witchcraft and voodooism.

"It’s gritty and dark but then there’s this weird mysterious beauty to it. I think it’s a unique show that has a lot of realism to it. It’s bewitched me," he joked about the CW series. As Grey continues to explore the many layers of his character, Lee LaBeque, he notes that he can see anything happening with him. “I think what was intriguing about Lee, to me, was that right off the bat you could tell he had a lot going on,” he said. “And there’s always more than meets the eye.

“I guess the layers are what's most fun about him,” he continued. “There are those roles that are most simple and then there’s roles like Lee. It’s important to think about a variety of things [when you join a show playing someone like him] and you have to do your homework, even if it’s about voodoo. I had a bit of knowledge 'cause I grew up watching scary movies and voodoo was one of the aspects. I guess zombies and stuff originated from the voodoo religion. Before they were flesh-eating monsters they were these drones. Back in the day, I would read up on stuff like that because I have a special place in my heart for zombies, for some reason. I don’t know what it is exactly. They’re absolutely horrible. There’s a strange appeal, but as far as Lee goes it wasn’t hard to sit down to read something about voodoo. But also I think he’s naive in certain ways when it comes to magic.”

With so much left unanswered about Lee’s future with the Circle, one thing is for certain: He is very much attracted to Faye. “Faye’s just really interesting because she also has a lot of depth to her. Even when we're not working you can see there’s always something going on in her head,” he noted of his co-star Phoebe Tonkin. "Phoebe, she’s always reading and stuff. She’s a bright girl, and as far as a romance goes on-screen, it’s not hard to play that up. She’s very endearing and very likeable. And in real life she’s a sweet, endearing woman. As far as a romance goes, it’s not hard to get there with her. She’s so on point.”

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