Buzzworthy? See Other 'Twilight' Stars With Robert Pattinson's New Haircut

By now, you've had ample time to see the sad photographic evidence confirming that Robert Pattinson has, indeed, shaved off his luscious locks into an ultra-short buzz cut. (In fan circles, this is also known as ample time to scream, sob, mourn and then scream some more.) But getting such up-close and personal insight into the exact shape and size of Rob's head got us thinking: what would happen if everyone in the "Twilight" cast gave themselves a close-cropped shave?

The easiest answer, obviously, is A LOT MORE SCREAMING AND CRYING. But after some speculative Photoshopping, surprisingly enough, some of these guys—and girls!—don't look half bad with a buzz cut. And while we'd like to urge Peter Facinelli not to lose his lovely locks anytime soon (not because it looks awful, but because that new hairline makes him look too weirdly similar to Patrick Wilson), and also Kristen Stewart (um, lady? Is your head really shaped like that?!) some of the other stars just might want to tote this gallery of what-ifs along to their next salon appointments. Especially you, Ashley Greene.

Peep our entire buzzy gallery by clicking on the image above!

Which "Twilight" stars do you like best with a buzzcut? And what do you think of Rob's new look? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!