'Lucky One' Star Taylor Schilling On Kissing Zac Efron: 'It's Not A Bad Way To Make A Paycheck'

All week long, MTV News has been shining a spotlight on Hollywood's freshest faces—a group of busy thespians we've dubbed 2012's Ones to Watch. And what a fine bunch they are: "Hunger Games" stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, "She's Out of My League" starlet Alice Eve and former Dillon Panthers Adrianne Palicki and Taylor Kitsch. Today's One is no exception, earning our undying envy for getting thisclose to none other than Zac Efron while filming her upcoming movie.

Meet Taylor Schilling. You may recognize her as nurse Veronica Flanagan Callahan on NBC's "Mercy," but the 27-year-old is breaking out in a big way this year with roles in two high-profile projects: the Nicholas Sparks adaptation "The Lucky One" and the drama "Argo" directed by Ben Affleck. And don't you worry, we made sure to ask her the question we're all dying to have answered: Is mouth-to-mouth with Zac as amazing as we've always imagined?

"Oh my gosh. I'm not going to let you down," she said. "It's not a bad way to make a paycheck."


But, Taylor, we've got another one for you. See, the trademark of any Nicholas Sparks film adaptation is the inclusion of at least one rain-drenched make-out scene ("It wasn't over. It still isn't over!"), and your film does not disappoint (we even dig the fact that rainclouds were replaced with a strong shower head). Anyway, with all of that water continuously gushing over your head while smooching, did you ever worry about, well, drowning?

"No, there didn't seem to be a problem," she answered with a laugh.

All right then. Carry on.

Be sure to check out Taylor in "The Lucky One" when it hits theaters April 20.

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Are you as excited for "The Lucky One" as we are? Are you jealous of Taylor's smooch with Zac?