Emma Watson, Logan Lerman Face Off In New 'Perks' Still

The stills keep rolling in for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," and this time around, our gallery of photos from the film just increased its Hipster Quotient by a factor of five. In the latest image to be released, we've got Emma Watson (looking every inch the cute academic in a red plaid skirt) and Logan Lerman (looking like he slept in his suit jacket), checking out that most hipsteriffic of all hipster-phernalia, a vintage typewriter (though to be fair, the film is set in the early '90s before iPads were even a thing...).

Given the indie cred of this charming flick—and its literary leanings—the presence of the typewriter seems to make sense. Less explicable are the expressions on the faces of our stars, who both look somewhat distressed by this turn of events. But why? Is something wrong with the typewriter? Is it broken? Did Logan borrow it from Emma under strict orders to take good care, then bring it back with the shift key missing and peanut butter all wedged up in the machinery? How could he be so careless?!

Well, anyway. No doubt, all will be explained when the film hits theaters! And in the meantime, feel free to whet your appetite for "Perks" by ogling our lovely (and ever-growing!) gallery of stills and behind-the-scenes peeks from the production by clicking on the image above.

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