New 'Hunger Games' Photo Shows Katniss And Peeta In Training

Hunger GamesIf you're as starved for "Hunger Games" goodness as we are, you'll be more than happy to see what this brand new image is serving up.

Coming to us compliments of Entertainment Weekly, the new still from the highly anticipated film shows Katniss and Peeta during their training at the Capitol. Not only does the photo give us more of our favorite District 12 tributes—which is always appreciated—but we get another look at the pre-Game training session outfits we saw briefly in the trailer.

What the new picture reminds us it that we haven't really seen that much from this movie. The trailer focused so heavily on Katniss' time before and after the Reaping and then the training and evaluation that it left the second half of the story almost untouched.

While it's refreshing that the trailer and photos leading up to the release haven't spoiled everything "The Hunger Games" will have to offer when it hits theaters in March, it definitely makes you wonder what everything looks like. We have seen almost nothing from the movie after Katniss and Peeta enter the Arena.

You win again "Hunger Games."

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