Peep The EXCLUSIVE Cover For 'Blood Red Road' Sequel 'Rebel Heart'

If you're not up to speed yet on Moira Young's nascent "Dust Lands" series—also known as the thrilling dystopian books which will fill the literary void left by the conclusion of "The Hunger Games"—then now would be a good time to catch yourself up. Because with the second tome in the trilogy on its way to stores later this year, the struggle of heroine Saba to find her place in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the world is going to be a big deal 'round these parts. Starting right now, with our EXCLUSIVE cover reveal of the much-awaited "Rebel Heart"!

Behold the sexy silhouette of one dystopian hottie! Who is this long, lean dude, with the biceps and the tank top and the biceps? Our guess: It's Jack, the idealistic fighter who might be Saba's one chance to start over, out west, in a new life that can keep her family safe. But don't count on a happy ending for the weary travelers just yet—mysterious shadows are creeping in from every direction, and all isn't as it seems. (And if you're reading all this like, "Huh? What?", then you'd better get crackin'—especially seeing as our guest blogger Sara Gundell totally urged you to read the first book, "Blood Red Road," way back in the spring. What are you waiting for?)

The only bad thing about our cover reveal? It's the earliest of early teases. In fact, you'll have to hold on for 10 whole months to see what's happening in Moira Young's dusty dystopian world—but when "Rebel Heart" hits stores in October, we'll save you a spot in line!

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