'Magic Mike' Star Channing Tatum On Why Guys Don't Look 'Cool' Naked

How about a little eye candy and "Magic Mike" movie details to brighten your day? The only setup the below video really needs is that it features Channing Tatum, one of the coolest and most laid-back actors in the biz, talking about his role in the stripper flick (our fourth most-anticipated movie of the year, mind you), a certain Ginuwine song and why dudes just don't look cool walking around naked.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Channing during the press day for another exciting flick, "Haywire," and naturally couldn't pass up the opportunity to pose some probing questions about "Magic Mike," specifically what song we might not ever forget after we see the film and what the heck the guys are doing in that first photo that was released.

"That's our 4th of July dance," Channing said with a laugh, speaking to the photo. "We pay tribute, you know.

"I'm trying to think of a song [I can tease], because music is always so interchangeable in movies. My dance, I dance to a pretty sexy hip-hop song 'Pony,'" he revealed. [Writer's note: What you may not pick up from the video is me making a "ka-ching" gesture along with my whispery "Yessss" exclamation. "Pony" is the most appropriate strip tease song ever!]

"It's been one of my all time favorite songs to grind to, so hopefully it's going to be [good]," Channing said. "And everyone did their own dancing. There is not a bit of substitution, everyone was game to take it off and get crazy."

I started to say to him that I know the movie is supposed to be for everyone, but that straight women and gay men are the most excited about it, but he didn't let me get that far and instead revealed that more guys ask him about his stripper past than ladies.

"Look, I wouldn't grab all my boys to go see a male stripping movie—I get it—but I can promise you that anytime I've told anyone that I did it for real for eight months when I was 18 and 19, the guys ask more questions than the girls do," Channing said. "That's kind of why we made the movie. We wanted to give a window for people to see what the inner-working and people and characters are—it's a bizarre world.

"It's funny, it's really not sexy. It's hard for guys to be out on a stage naked. Girls, y'all just walk sexy naked. Guys, it doesn't work like that, you have to work at it, it's not cool."

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