Elizabeth Banks Assures 'Hunger Games' Isn't All About Violence

Good news for readers who loved the literary bloodlust of "The Hunger Games" but weren't so sure that they actually wanted to see the free-for-all bloodbath at the Cornucopia or the variously gory deaths that follow: Elizabeth Banks, a.k.a. Effie Trinket herself, told MTV News at the "Man on a Ledge" junket that fans won't have to worry about getting an eyeful of crazy violence when the movie hits theaters this spring.

"It's certainly not the focus of the movie at all," she assured us. "We made a PG-13 movie."

And instead, said Elizabeth, the focus of the film is the same thing that made the "Hunger Games" trilogy such a major phenomenon: "What I think is great about how we did it, and what I think is amazing about Suzanne Collins' books, is that you're so invested in the characters. That's what the movie is really about. It's about creating characters that want to go back to their families, that have longings, that are looking for justice, and who matter."

Which, she added, is what she liked best about the books.

"The great message of 'Hunger Games' is that everybody matters. It just takes one person to start a revolution... I think that's a great message, especially for young people: you matter."

That is a great message! But mostly, we're just relieved that we won't have to watch in painstaking detail while that poor bastard from District 1 gets an arrow straight to the jugular. Urgh.

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