MTV Movie Brawl: Get Your Vote On For 'Hunger Games,' 'Bel Ami' And More!

The fighting is on, and it ain't gonna be pretty. The 16 films in the MTV Movie Brawl 2012 have officially been selected, and they're duking it out as we speak. And if you care at all about the honor of your crushworthy favorites, then you'd better head over to cast your vote!

Among the movies needing your support: "The Hunger Games," which faces some stiff competition from sci-fi extravaganza "Prometheus" for dystopian thrillin' and chillin'. Can Katniss and co. get the votes they need to move on to the next round? And there's also "John Carter," which is up against "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" in this round of cutthroat competition. What's that? You don't care about the Civil War hero John Carter or his outlandish adventures on Mars? OH YES YOU DO. Because Mr. Carter is being played by none other than Taylor "Tim Riggins" Kitsch. And he's shirtless. (Yeah, we see you running over there with your clicking hand at the ready.)

Meanwhile, Potterheads and "Twilight" lovers will have to decide whether their respective icons merit continued support, even without their beloved franchise: Kristen Stewart's "Snow White and the Huntsman" is up against "The Woman in Black", with Daniel Radcliffe, in what's bound to be a close contest.

And finally, one of the most unusual match-ups yet to grace our Brawl: It's Robert Pattinson versus...Robert Pattinson! The British heartthrob is facing off against himself in two films, the historical drama "Bel Ami" and the David Cronenberg thriller "Cosmopolis." Who should take the glory in this battle of the Robs? It all comes down to which RPattz you prefer: the slutty social climber who can't stop ripping the corsets off the ladyfolk, or the smug Manhattanite who's trapped in a surrealist nightmare. Not that they both don't have their appeal! And hang on, too, 'cause if "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" wins its battle against "Phantom Menace 3D," then whichever RPattz comes out on top will have to take on Edward Cullen in the next round.

Cast your vote now!

Which of these fine films do you hope makes it to the top?