'How To Succeed' Stars Daniel Radcliffe And Darren Criss Had A Secret Confab

In an earth-shattering collision of the Potterworld and the Gleekosphere—or, depending on just how much of a nerd you truly are, the Potterworld and the musical spinoff of same—Darren Criss has, at last, met "How to Succeed in Business" predecessor Daniel Radcliffe before his Royal Potterness exited the Broadway production.

That's the good news! The bad news, unfortunately, is that there's no photographic evidence of said event. No, not even if you think you might've seen some.

"Somebody showed me a photograph, very obviously doctored, of me and him meeting," Daniel said when he chatted with MTV News' Josh Horowitz recently. But the important thing is, it did happen! And amazingly, the universe did not collapse in on itself despite all the pop-cultural awesomeness converging in one place!

"We did meet," Daniel confirmed. "I had a lovely chat with him, talked about the show. I don't really deign to give advice, but I gave him my number and I said...contact me if you've got anything to ask."

Not only that, but Darren apparently left this meeting with a secret weapon, passed down through generations of "How to Succeed" leads. Said Daniel, "I passed on a joke to him that Matthew Broderick gave to me, that Robert Morse gave to Matthew Broderick."

Of course, we desperately want to know what the joke was...but Daniel didn't say, which means that we'll just have to assume it's a variation on "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and call it a day. But since Darren will be leaving the show after just three weeks and replaced by Nick Jonas, maybe one of the succeeding "Succeed" leads will have looser lips.

Want to hear Darren's side of the story? Visit our friends at TheFABlife for all the details!

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