'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A Hot Piece Of 'A''

Pretty Little LiarsYou guys... If I ever receive a surprise-party invitation from Hanna Marin, please remind me to RSVP, "No way, Jose." Bitch throws one deadly fete. (RIP, Lucas?) Before we relive the lake soiree from hell, let's go back to the beginning.

The episode picked up right where last week's winter premiere concluded: with the girls lurking in the creepy greenhouse, post-attack. They're contemplating what to do with A's phone, with everyone but Hanna keen on having mobile maven Caleb crack the cell. In the midst of their argument, the phone in question begins ringing and a game of Hot Potato ensues until Hanna's left holding the scorching spud. For a second, it looks like she's going to answer it. That is, until the glass above them shatters, sending them scrambling to the car, resolving to put Caleb on the case. He obliges, but partway through the data download, the owner deactivates the phone. He's been able to salvage a bit (hopefully more than Angry Birds!), but says it will take some time to access.

In the meantime, Aria and Ezra's freshly public relationship takes hit from both of her parents. Mom Ella corners Aria in her room, demanding she cut Ezra off completely—not even a good-bye phone call. Dad Byron tracks Ezra down in his apartment demanding the same. Though I think we can all admit Byron's soap box is a bit slippery having slept with one of his own students (though to be fair, she was not a minor like Aria). And just to make the moment even more awkward, Byron leers at Ezra's bed, wanting to know if his apartment was the clandestine couple's rendezvous point. And now I need a shower...

Rosewood's other power couple (Spencer and Toby, obvi) are also still on the outs, though it's hard to tell from their pick-up truck liplock outside of Toby's house. As they hide out in his car, they overhear Officer Garrett having a heated discussion on his cell with Jenna, lamenting that "the mistake was pulling in someone else and having him help us." Are they responsible for the recent A run-in, or is this a red herring?

Thanks to her new community service position at the town's crisis hotline, Emily has a pretty good idea of whom it was that aided Jenna and Officer Garrett—none other than (seemingly) nice guy Lucas! He makes several calls to the hotline, in which he admits to almost getting caught, bumbling his plans, finally making up his mind and having to see her for the last time. It's all cryptic stuff, but certainly seems to implicate him as the couple's accomplice. But what does he mean about seeing her for the last time?

That's where Caleb's surprise party comes in. Hanna decides to throw the get-together at Spencer's lake house, but things obviously don't go as planned. For one, the picture that Caleb was able to retrieve from the phone (of those creepy dolls) was taken in the attic of Spencer's lake house. What was A doing there? And is it only coincidence that Lucas finds his way up there while Spencer's looking for decorations...all alone...in the dark? Minutes before Caleb arrives, Lucas and Hanna take a boat ride out on the water to get the fireworks ready. But Lucas is clearly out of sorts and begins frightening Hanna. So much so that the two get in a tussle, and Hanna hits him with a paddle sending him overboard. The rowboat quickly capsizes, sending her flying into the murky depths as well. The girls wait helplessly on the shore until Hanna doggie paddles to land. But where is Lucas? Is he the "someone" we were told would meet his/her demise this season? Or is he safe and sound hiding out somewhere?

Oh, and before we forget, happy birthday, Caleb! ...Yikes.

Do you think Lucas is dead? Are you more and more convinced that Jenna and Officer Garrett are working together as A? How do you think back-in-town Holden will figure into Aria's messy personal life now that Ezra has told her not to call him? And where the heck is Jason? Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments and on Twitter!