Get In The 'Hunger Games': Tickets Go On Sale February 22

"Hunger Games" fans, start your engines: Lionsgate has just announced that advance sales for the most-buzzworthy film of 2012 will open up starting February 22, which means that you can reap your tickets a full month ahead of the movie's release date! Which is, let's be honest, probably a good idea—considering that on the day that "Hunger Games" hits theaters, the race for real, physical tickets will be a bloody melee that rivals the actual Hunger Games in the Violent Grabbing department.

Of course, that still leave us with just under two months (74 days, to be exact) of panting anticipation before storming Fandango (or like an angry mob, but hey, every little bit helps. And if you want to let everyone know in advance just how hyped you are for the Games to begin, you can RSVP in advance on Facebook—and set yourself an official reminder to be up bright and early for ticket pre-sales on February 22. Because if you want the odds to be ever in your favor of seeing this bad boy on its first day out, it's probably best not to dawdle.