Nicholas Hoult Is Blood-Stained In New 'Warm Bodies' Still

Warm BodiesHot off the movie picture presses we bring you news (via of the first "Warm Bodies" production still, featuring a tall, dark and smoldery Nicholas Hoult as R. Yes, R is technically a zombie, even though he doesn't look too decayed or dead here. If you've read Isaac Marion's excellent "Romeo and Juliet"-esque zombie romance, the book upon which the film is based, you know that there is something special about R. He looks different from all the other zombies and is more high-functioning.

That said, Nicholas' look in this photo is exactly what it should be. And the smolder factor seems like it might be a running theme, since that's what I picked up on from the first photo we saw of Nicholas and co-star Teresa Palmer, a.k.a. Julie. I like that R is appropriately pale, but not yellow-pale, that dingy icky shade prevalent on zombies on "The Walking Dead."

What do you think he's up to in this photo? Is this from the latter half of the story that features more action or is it in the beginning when R is wandering around aimlessly, trying to understand what has happened to him and his former life? The blood spot on his shirt could mean that he has come from a scuffle or a feeding? There are so many options! I'm very curious to see what director Jonathan Levine has done with his adaptation. We only have seven months to wait.

"Warm Bodies" opens August 10.

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