'The Alchemy Of Forever' Is Out Now; Peep The EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer

Anticipation is already high around here for "The Alchemy of Forever," the new supernatural romance by Avery Williams—after all, the title alone is enough to make you sit up and take notice (and to inspire some serious envy in all the DeBeers executives who wish they'd thought of it first)! But if your appetite for this thrilling story about a 600-year-old soul who falls in love with the boy next door needs just a tad more whetting, consider this one tasty hors d'oeuvre: We've got an EXCLUSIVE first look at the book trailer!

What's happening here? Well, for one, some serious drama: Seraphina, who has lived for 600 years by transferring her soul from one body to another, has sworn to finally end her own life rather than kill another innocent. But when 16-year-old Kailey Morgan is struck by a car right in front of her, her attempts to save the girl have an unintended effect—rather than bringing Kailey back, Seraphina takes over her body. (Check out that zippy little lightning bolt passing from one girl's lips to the other!) At first, it seems like Seraphina has found her one chance at living—and loving—as a human being again...except that she's part of a long-lived pack of Incarnates, including the possessive and jealous Cyrus, who won't let her go without a fight. Because even when you're a centuries-old reincarnated soul, crushes are hard, dude.

Are you dying to know what happens next? Fortunately, you don't have to wait to find out; "The Alchemy of Forever" is out now!

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