'Hunger Games': Catching Up With Kristen Bell's 'Catching Fire' Campaign

Kristen BellKristen Bell's interview over on Huffington Post is a lengthy, lovely reminder of just why we've loved her ever since she first electrocuted some poor, hapless bastard on "Heroes"—and if you have time to read the whole thing, you should! But if you're in a hurry, then we're happy to offer up the most germane tidbits from her chat with Chris Harnick, namely the thrilling, keeping-our-fingers-crossed-like-whoa news that she's still very, very much hoping to latch onto the "Hunger Games" franchise before the films are done.

Kristen's been quite vocal about her desire to play Johanna Mason, the ass-kicking lumberjill from District 7 who becomes an integral part of the revolution. (Seriously, can you think of a better candidate? You can not, sir!) Though as she admits, there's nothing new to report in her quest for the role: "[From] my campaign desk here on my full-size bed in a back bedroom in my family's house in Oregon, there are no new developments—other than the fact that I am trying to stay on top of it and not age too rapidly so that I can still be cast," she joked.

But while her casting may be in question, her fandom most definitely isn't. In addition to readily confessing that "The Hunger Games" is all she thinks about, Kristen told the story of how she decked out different areas of her house to represent the Districts and threw herself a Panem party.

"All my friends dressed as the characters, and I dressed as Katniss," she said. "I was head-to-toe in spandex with a fire cape and carried a bow and arrow."

And if you're trying to tell yourself that doesn't sound spectacular, there's also this:

"I had friends who came as Cato and Clove and were dressed in weird sewn-together fabric leaves and army colors. They had the football black under their eyes and they had taken all the knives in their house, even the butcher knives, and wrapped them in duct tape so they wouldn't be too sharp and flung them over their body like sort of ammo lines. They had all these knives taped to them—it was amazing. I had a couple Effie Trinkets. It was pretty exceptional. People dressed up like tracker jackers. They were like bumble bees, but with huge horns."

Wish you'd been there? Yeah you do. So do we.

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