'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' Hits DVD Just In Time For A Very Vampire Valentine's Day

Ya gotta hand it to Summit Entertainment: They know how to steal the holiday thunder. First came the theatrical release of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," which caused mass vampire wedding hysteria in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. And now, they're releasing the DVD of the film in mid-February! As in, just in time to upstage the Valentine's Day plans of the thousands of hapless dudes who are currently dating "Twilight" fans!

...Er, yeah. Sorry, guys! But seriously, you might as well skip the chocolate box, cancel those reservations and accept that none of your piddling humanoid romance can possibly compete with the sight of Edward Cullen in a perfectly tailored tuxedo. (Just be glad that there's only one more of these movies until the franchise is finished, eh?)

But for everyone else, this is fabulous news: You've got just over a month until you, too, can own your very own copy of the two-disc special edition of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1." And yes, it's got goodies on it—including a six-part featurette on the making of the film; behind-the-scenes footage of your faaaavorite favorite actors Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner; and (and!!!) the official Edward and Bella wedding video.

Already scheming to pick up your copy? The DVD goes on sale Saturday, February 11. And for fans looking to celebrate, take note: There just might be a midnight release party near you. Bring your boyfriend! He'll love it!

Are you already pre-ordering your copy of the "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" DVD?