Peep EXCLUSIVE First Chapter Of Andrea Cremer's 'Nightshade' Prequel, 'Rift'

BloodroseIf you've been following the thrilling saga of Andrea Cremer's "Nightshade" series, you've probably already picked up your copy of "Bloodrose"—the stunning conclusion to this fantastic trilogy featuring werewolves, warfare and a lusty lady lycanthrope torn between multiple lovers even as she's supposed to lead her pack (out today). But even if you're already up to your neck (or haunches) in the final chapter of the "Nightshade" series, there's one thing you haven't got: an EXCLUSIVE first look at "Rift," the series prequel that shows you the origins of Calla's world.

But we do! In fact, we've got the whole first chapter, and a whole seven months in advance of the August 7 release of "Rift."

Click here to download the PDF of chapter one!

Taking place long before Calla's appearance as an alpha wolf, "Rift" is the original story of the dark and tumultuous time when colliding forces split the Knights of Conatus into their warring factions of Keepers and Searchers. But if you love Calla's complex emotional journey, you'll definitely dig the parallels between the "Nightshade" trilogy and this prequel novel! There's just as much fighting, just as much magic, and, of course, a love triangle or two—even as the world of the knights begins to divide between the darkness of the nether realm and the brave souls who vow to destroy it. And with Calla's storyline wrapping up as we speak, "Rift" is one book we'll be looking forward to after a long, dark, wolf-less winter.

Will you be snagging the prequel to Andrea Cremer's "Nightshade" this summer? Tell us what you think of this exclusive excerpt in the comments and on Twitter!