Elizabeth Banks Talks Inspiration For Her 'Hunger Games' Look

If you only know Elizabeth Banks as the soon-to-be portrayer of Effie Trinket in "The Hunger Games," here's your chance to see how little the real-life Elizabeth resembles the social-climbing, appearance-obsessed Capitol dame she'll be playing on-screen. The actress is on the cover of Lucky this February and posed for a photoshoot wearing a series of classic, classy ensembles that are a far cry from the hot pink, puff-shouldered wild card of a suit that we briefly saw during the "Hunger Games" trailer. (Boo! Boring! Bring back the suit!)

Unfortunately, Elizabeth only talks briefly about her role in our most-anticipated film of 2012. But what she does have to say about her transformation into Effie is illuminating; her character's distinctive look is, she said, "based on my heroes, Rosalind Russell in 'Auntie Mame' and Katharine Hepburn in 'The Philadelphia Story.'"

...OMG, you guys, it totally is! She even does the Katharine Hepburn voice! We knew we recognized that posh, brassy accent from somewhere.

Off-screen, however, Elizabeth doesn't share Effie's enthusiasm for staying on-trend. And when it comes to fashion, she admitted: "I was kind of late to the party. I mean, I have always appreciated fashion. But I’m a girl who loves a bargain. I’ll shop at Forever 21 and H&M."

But y'know who does have a penchant for flash-in-the-pan fashion movements? Her husband—who Elizabeth described at their first meeting as "[looking] like Jason Priestly in '90210,' and he was wearing a vest with no shirt underneath, a look that was incredibly cool in the fashion world for about 10 minutes."

Okay, that's completely cute.