Hollywood Crush Readers' Favorite 2011 YA Novel Is...

Holy upset, YA fans! The results are in for Hollywood Crush's poll of the top teen reads of 2011, and after tens of thousands of votes, the winner is none other than "The Future of Us," by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler! The quirky collaboration beat out the week's oft-leader, Cassandra Clare's "Clockwork Prince," by a mere 1 percent of the vote with Richelle Mead's "Bloodlines" rounding out the top three.

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For the uninitiated, "The Future of Us" follows childhood friends Emma and Josh, who, in 1996, stumble upon a then-yet-to-be-invented website called Facebook. The two discover their fates as adults and learn the ripple effect their day-to-day decisions have on their futures.

"Working on this story, we had dozens of conversations about how everything we do today affects who we become later on, and even affects the lives of the people around us," wrote Jay in an essay for Hollywood Crush earlier this year. "But how much control do we really have over the details of our lives? I came away from 'The Future of Us' thinking it's much more important to make the right decisions for today, as opposed to obsessing too much about the future."

No need to obsess too much about the future of "The Future Of Us," loyal voters—the novel's film rights were snatched up by Warner Bros. back in May, so the fate of this adaptation is in good hands.

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