Peep The First Pic From 'Magic Mike'!

Ladies, stop what you're doing. Put down the leftover cranberry sauce; step away from the eggnog dregs; hold off on your fifth try-on of that can't-decide-if-it's-hideous-or-not holiday sweater. Because right now, five semi-clothed gentlemen would like to show you something.

Yep, it's here: the first official photo has finally arrived from the set of "Magic Mike," the new Steven Soderbergh movie about hot-bodied male strippers on a journey of self-discovery. And let's just say that there's, ahem, a lot to discover when you're talking about Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer in a nude revue.

The pic features the men of "Magic Mike" in the midst of a patriotic striptease, starring Joe, Alex, Matthew and Channing (Matt Bomer must be hiding backstage somewhere). The bad news: Matthew McConaughey, who plays the club owner, is the only one showing any skin...and though he's got a great bod, it's nothing we haven't seen before given that it's a strange day when that dude puts a shirt on. But between the stars-and-stripes top hat, the camo-clad hotties, and the absolutely epic gun show on display, there's no question that we'll be front and center when it comes time to check this one out in theaters. God bless America, indeed!

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