Ryan Gosling Hops Into Bed With Eva Mendes For Funny Or Die Christmas Clip

Ryan GoslingWe could spend the better part of a day listing all the ways in which we're green with envy over actress Eva Mendes, but first and foremost would be her new romance with our boyfriend Ryan Gosling. And as we nurse our broken heart, here she is pouring salt in the wound by playing the hottie's wife in a new Funny or Die video. Ouch.

The clip, titled "Drunk History Christmas," features an inebriated man reciting the classic tale "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," as Eva, Ryan and Jim Carrey (he of the rosy cheeks and a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly) act out the parts.

Of course, we would watch Ryan watch paint dry, but it's especially nice seeing him in a small part that highlights his comedic chops (especially at this festive time of year). Also, who knew those old-timey sleeping caps could look so...hot?

Check out "Drunk History Christmas" after the jump! (NSFW language, BTW)

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