'Hunger Games' EXCLUSIVE: Effie Is The Capitol's Official 'Face'!

Hey Hunger Games fans, have we got a treat for you—straight from the Capitol, of all places. Behold, this exclusive image and announcement regarding everyone’s favorite uptight, by-the-book, District-12 escort Effie Trinket in all her pink-haired, crazy-eyelashed glory!

Effie has officially been selected as "the face" of China Glaze's "Capitol Colours" series of nail polishes, and the corresponding ad is as bold and beautiful as we’d expect. Click through to see the full-sized image.

Just look at Ms. Trinket in this photo! Her perfectly-curled hair is a very soft shade of pink, further accented by a purple head piece and a fuchsia top. Effie’s makeup is equally bold, with hot pink eyeshadow above and below her eyes, plus matching lipstick (not to mention those feather-like adornments on her eyelashes). The ad features small swatches of what we presume to be the official 12 colors to be launched as part of the “Capitol Colours” line, as well as the leading and clever tagline “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?”

According to the news from the Capitol, the 12 polish colors will represent each of the 12 districts, which will allow the citizens of Panem to show support for their favorite tribute leading up to the Games on March 23. Inside sources tell us to expect more news updates from the Capitol as they continue to roll out additional promotions in the coming weeks.

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