'Breaking Dawn' Eclipses 'Harry Potter' For Best Ensemble, Couple

It was one of the closest races in Hollywood Crush history—seriously, we had to whip out our nanometer to measure the winning margins!—but the results of our year-end polls are in. And if you're a lover of wizardly whimsy, get ready to cry into your sorting hat: the contentious face-off between Potterheads and Twilighters has ended with a narrow victory for the vampire set, with Edward, Bella and the folks of Forks taking home Best Ensemble and the win for Best Couple.

The competition for the Best Ensemble title was especially fierce: With nearly 2 million votes cast, the vampire set won by only one tenth of a percent. (The Best Couple award, not so close; as epic as their romance was, Ron and Hermione just couldn't compete with the furniture-destroying passion of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.) But this wasn't the only close race in our quest to name the best of the best for 2011! Want to see who made off with honors for Best Sex Scene, Best Dressed and Best Ryan Gosling Moment? (Hint: it's Ryan Gosling.) Click for the full roundup of winners!

Which side were you on in the epic "HP" versus "BD" battle for Best Ensemble? Or were you one of the few, the proud, the weirdos who voted for "Horrible Bosses"?