Alicia Silverstone To Roll With 'Clueless' Homie Jeremy Sisto On 'Suburgatory'?

CluelessLooks like Elton may finally bag Cher after all! It's been confirmed that Alicia Silverstone will guest star on Jeremy Sisto's ABC comedy, "Suburgatory."

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Alicia will appear on the show in a multi-episode arc, and she’ll be a potential love interest for Jeremy’s single dad character, George. However, love’s course won’t run so smoothly. Her job will come between George and his bestie, Noah.

TVLine provided additional details, specifically that she’ll play a woman named Eden, though the job in question remains a mystery.

This will be the first on-screen reunion of Alicia and Jeremy since 1995's “Clueless.” The new-classic teen comedy was a launching pad for many careers, including the late Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd. If George should end up with Alicia’s character, it would be the one thing Elton couldn’t accomplish, despite his best efforts to win Cher’s heart (or at least get in her pants).

"Suburgatory," however, isn’t the first “Clueless” reunion for Alicia. She just worked with the flick’s writer-director Amy Heckerling on the upcoming big-screen comedy, “Vamps.” It stars Alicia and funny lady Krysten Ritter as two beautiful bloodsuckers living the good life in New York City.

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