'Dragon Tattoo' Costume Designer Reveals Her Fave Piece From H&M Line

Few silver-screen styles have been as instantly recognizable as Lisbeth Salander's, the raven-haired, pierced punk-hacker portrayed by actress Rooney Mara in the upcoming "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" (hitting theaters December 20). As such, we were thrilled to catch up with costumer Trish Summerville at last night's New York City premiere, where she not only talked about styling Salander but also her just-released "Dragon Tattoo"-inspired line at H&M.

"I worked really closely with David Fincher when we first started the film, before Rooney was even cast," Trish told us about her frequent collaborator. "We did a lot of research on Swedish fashion, just made sure her clothes were authentic and worn down."

In addition to Fincher's input, Trish said that Rooney herself had a hand in selecting items for the fierce heroine. "In the beginning, I think it was quite overwhelming for her because she had to dive in so whole-heartedly into everything. But along the way there were pieces she was more drawn to, and we'd sit down and pick what she'd wear for different scenes."

And thanks to a new line of "Dragon Tattoo"-inspired clothing Trish created with H&M, everyday girls can channel Lisbeth's Swedish sensibilities. But only if they can get your hands on the in-demand frocks.

"We sold out in L.A. this morning, I think in under 10 minutes, so it's kind of insane," Trish enthused. As to her favorite pieces, the designer cited the moto jacket and the sweat pants, which she called, "incredible."