New 'Hunger Games' Poster (Finally) Revealed!

It took a little more than three hours, but one "Hunger Games" fan's sleuthing paid off.

With 100 days to go until the film's release, Lionsgate celebrated by launching an online scavenger hunt, in which 100 puzzle pieces were distributed across the web (including here at Hollywood Crush). The #HungerGames100 Poster Puzzle Hunt tasked fans with not only finding each portion, but piecing them together to reveal a new poster for the adaptation. @johnshoward was the first to tweet out an image of the finished puzzle, and we have no doubt this fresh bit of collateral will leave fans hungrier than ever for the film's March 23 release.

See the full image after the jump!

The poster captures Katniss standing in the arena pre-Games, with her and Peeta's faces displayed on larger-than-life screens for the hundreds of gathered spectators to see. The fiery Mockingjay pin, which took center stage in the film's first one-sheet, hovers at the top just below the clever tagline, "The World Will Be Watching" (yes, we will...). The poster is eye-catching and evocative—in short, everything we expect from this fierce franchise.

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