'House Of Anubis' Returns January 9: Peep EXCLUSIVE Season 2 Trailer!

If you've been waiting with bated breath for the second season of "House of Anubis" on Nickelodeon, here's something you won't want to miss: the exclusive trailer, with sneak peeks at the drama, mystery and intrigue to come! What secrets does the house have in store?

Well, for one thing, some unidentified things have returned. We know this, because right away, a scary-looking guy shouts, "They have returned, Coviar!"

OMG! Already, so much drama! But alas, we have no idea who has returned or what Coviar thinks about it, because a) Coviar is a bird and just sits there, and b) the trailer jump-cuts away to show us the full gamut of deadly risks in store for our heroes as they seek to unlock the mysteries of their boarding house. There's an elaborate torture hall full of swinging knives! A ghostly thingamabob made of black smoke! A bunch of kids getting trapped, Indiana-Jones-style, behind a really big rock slab! And, of course, the burning, eternal question: What lies beneath the House of Anubis?

Want to know the answer? Too bad; you'll just have to watch the premiere at 7 p.m. on January 9 to find out. (But ooh, oooh! Is it a Native American graveyard? ...OH COME ON. It's always a Native American graveyard.)

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