Celebrate 100 Days Until 'Hunger Games' With A Poster Puzzle Hunt!

A public service announcement for any of you whose countdown widget may be on the fritz: Today marks 100 days until the much-anticipated big-screen adaptation of "The Hunger Games" blazes into theaters. Commence squealing in 3, 2, 1...

To celebrate, Hollywood Crush is partnering with Lionsgate for an internet scavenger scramble called #HungerGames100 Poster Puzzle Hunt! Here's how it works: 100 website will each host one piece of a ginormous "Hunger Games" puzzle (depicting the newest one-sheet for the March 23 release). Your job is to search Twitter using the hashtag #HungerGames100 to find each piece, solve the puzzle and upload a photo of the finished product to Facebook, tagging The Official Hunger Games Movie page. After the first person posts the solved puzzle, the entire poster will be revealed.

Click past the jump for Hollywood Crush's puzzle piece and the official instructions.

Here it is! And it's on fire: piece No. 44.

Now that you've secured one sliver of the epic puzzle, be sure to check out the instructions straight from Lionsgate in case you have any questions about how to proceed.

May the odds be ever in your favor!