Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift! Here Are 22 Reasons We Love You!

Taylor Swiftby Emily Laurence

It’s no secret that we heart Taylor Swift here at Hollywood Crush. A lot. We want to make arts and crafts and bake brownies with her. We want to smack any guy that breaks her little heart. We want to tag along on her dress shopping excursions. But right now, all we want to do is wish her a happy birthday.

"I’m so 22 right now!" Taylor tweeted to her nearly 10 million Twitter followers this morning. Oh Tay Tay, we hope today is like a fairy tale for you. To kick-start Taylor’s special day, here are 22 reasons why we love her!

1. She’s more likely to celebrate her birthday making snow globes than ripping tequila shots.

2. Taylor’s a sucker for happy endings and believes in fairy tales even though she’s had her heart broken more than most girls her age.

3. Taylor bakes and knits, but unlike our grandma, she makes it seem cool.

4. She’s always the best dressed. Have you ever seen Taylor look bad? We didn’t think so.

5. She’s country strong. Taylor was the youngest singer to win CMA’s Entertainer of the Year.

6. Her new kitten, Meredith Grey. And the fact that Taylor wears kitten sweaters unironically. Someday she may live in a house cluttered with Grammy awards and kittens and she’s OK with that.

7. Taylor’s a girl’s girl. She’s still BFFs with her childhood friend Abigail and gives her famous gal pals, like Selena Gomez, advice.

8. The girl can rap. Her alter-ego T-Swizzle rhymed with T-Pain and covered Nicki Minaj.

9. Last year she created her own line of American Greetings cards. So less cliche than a clothing line.

10. She dated Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas. Let’s all live vicariously through her.

11. Even though she’s 22 now, she hasn’t outgrown writing in her diary. And seeing as how it’s helped her write more than 200 songs, we’re guessing she never will.

12. If her new Enchanted perfume is any indication, Taylor smells really, really good.

13. She’s never flashed a nipple or forgotten her undies. Wardrobe malfunctions are for amateurs.

14. Taylor grew up loving Hanson. We did too, Tay. We did too.

15. She can whip her long, blond hair around on stage while still singing in key. Um, cool!

16. Taylor turned the number 13 from an unlucky number to the luckiest two digits of all time.

17. Even when she gets dumped, Taylor has the last word. See: “Forever & Always,” “Dear John,” and pretty much every other song she's written that’s about a boy.

18. She can rock red lipstick without ever getting it on her teeth.

19. Her hair. Whether it’s curly or super duper straight, it’s never frizzy and always looks good.

20. Her “ohmygod I just won” surprise face at every single awards show.

21. She not only dominates the charts, but lights up the silver screen, as well.

22. Taylor’s won a grand total of 92 awards so far. Here’s to even more in the next 22 years.

Happy Birthday, Taylor!