'Pretty Little Liars' Villain 'A' To Be Revealed In Season Finale: Who Could It Be?

Ready those texting fingers, "Pretty Little Liars" fans, because we have some major news you'll want to blast across your social network. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the identity of A—the mysterious texter terrorizing the teen inhabitants of Rosewood—will be revealed in the season two finale airing March 19! The report also noted that someone will be arrested for Alison's murder (the same someone revealed to be A?) and that a beloved character will be killed (don't worry, it won't be one of the four leads).

It's a huge revelation indeed, seeing as much of the conflict in the ABC Family series has revolved around A's manipulative messages and the havoc they wreak. In fact, the news sent us into total bloodhound mode, sniffing for any and all clues as to who exactly A could be. We've fingered five likely suspects after the jump (evidence included). Check out our hunches, leave your own and vote in our poll to tell us who YOU think A is.

The suspect: Mona

The evidence: We're working mostly on what multiple "Law and Order" marathons have taught us is called "circumstantial evidence," but Hanna's bestie has easy access to at least one liar (in order to pilfer secrets, of course), plus Mona never seems to be around when the girls' cell phones buzz with another text from A...

The suspect: Jenna in tandem with Officer Garrett

The evidence: We probably don't need to tell you that Jenna has plenty of motive: the liars are responsible for the explosion that took her sight, after all! We also know that the couple is hatching some sort of scheme, and a dastardly duo posing as A would explain how he/she is practically omnipotent.

The suspect: One of the liars

The evidence: This would be a major curve ball, for sure, which is exactly why we can't overlook the possibility. Whomever A is, he/she knows A LOT about the girls' movements and plans—which positively stinks of an inside job.

The suspect: Lucas

The evidence: Rosewood High's resident geek was never a huge fan of Alison's (probably having something to do with that "Hermie" nickname...), but thanks to "PLL"'s Halloween episode we got even better insight into Lucas' pure hatred for the Queen Bee. All of which points to him as a potential murder suspect, sure, but would he continue to take his frustrations out on the remaining liars (especially if he's so fond of Hanna)?

The suspect: An unknown character

The evidence: If you're a fan of the Sara Shepard-penned book series on which "Pretty Little Liars" is based, you know that there is at least one suspicious character we have yet to be introduced to (though she may have been hinted at in the Halloween episode). Though we don't expect "PLL" to follow the book series' trajectory, we can't shake the nagging suspicion that there's someone lurking in the bushes we haven't met yet.

"Pretty Little Liars" returns January 2.

Who do you think A is? Did we leave one of your main suspects out of our lineup? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!