'New Girl' Visits 'The Hills' In Hilarious Dating Profile Video

We may or may not have done our fair share of internet dating, so we may or may not have seen just about every desperate, detestable ploy used to get a girl to go out with a guy. Yet, we somehow can't decide whether this particular gem falls under "terrible" or "tremendous." (We're leaning towards the latter...)

Let's go back. All the way back. To 2008. When Schmidt, the wannabe ladies' man of Fox's "New Girl" played by Max Greenfield, created an online dating profile video to woo the women of Los Angeles. And, honestly, guy knows his audience, as he hilariously channels the opening credit sequence from a certain MTV series starring Lauren Conrad.

Now, we probably wouldn't go on a date with Schmidt after watching this ridiculous clip, but we'd at least buy him a beer for the effort. Which, I guess, kind of sounds like a date...

Click on over to "New Girl" star Zooey Deschanel's website, Hello Giggles, to watch the glorious 90-second vid.

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