'Hunger Games' Nail Polish Is A Go: Will These Things Be Next?

We don't often think of the words "Panem" and "primping" in the same sentence, but leave it to merchandise-happy Hollywood to find a savvy way to make it happen! After much debate and a few important conceptual tweaks, the "Hunger Games" nail polish line is back in business; Lionsgate, the studio releasing the film, will partner with China Glaze to release a "Colors from the Capitol" series of nail enamels designed to evoke the glitzy, appearance-obsessed world of the dystopian capital city. The hues will hit store shelves March 1, 2012.

Skewing the tie-in to be Capitol-specific was a good move for the studio—and hopefully, a salve for the annoyed fans who pointed out that the original nail polish concept wasn't exactly in line with the dark, depressing world of District 12 (where, let's be honest, the residents are too busy starving, mining and plotting revolution to bother with piffling nonsense like manicures.) The whole hullabaloo got us thinking about other weird "Hunger Games" tie-ins that would leave fans scratching their heads. For example...


What better way to pay tribute to the brilliant, martyred stylist than a sponsorship with America's favorite mall food-court baked good?

"Muttations" plush toys

Fans will love waking up screaming next to these lifelike, stuffed versions of the hideous creatures who hunt Katniss and Co. throughout the "Hunger Games" series.

The District 4 Aquatic Park of Fun

One of several "Hunger Games" theme parks! Soon to be joined by the District 12 Mining-Car Rollercoaster, the District 7 Woodland Reserve and the District 13 Underground Happy Camp for Daylight-Haters.

Which tie-in products would you least like to see come out of the "Hunger Games" merchandising machine?