'New Year's Eve' Stars Dream Up Other Holiday-Set Films For Garry Marshall To Direct

Between last year's "Valentine's Day" and this year's "New Year's Eve," it's safe to say that director Garry Marshall is getting kinda-sorta known for his ensemble rom-coms centered on national holidays. But in choosing to do these particular films, has the guy wound up in a genre-specific dead end?

Could be! Because when we asked the cast of "New Year's Eve" which big day should get the Marshall treatment next, even they had a hard time coming up with a good followup film.

"I was just thinking about that," Katherine Heigl said. "It has to be universal, so it can sell domestically and internationally."

Which, as she concludes, means that "Thanksgiving's out. Columbus Day is out. President's Day..."

Nope, that's out too! Of course, there's one (*coughobviouscough*) holiday that jumps out:

"Christmas... but now that he's done New Year's Eve, can he do it in reverse?"

Eh, that seems like cheating. But hey, how about St. Patrick's Day? Though, as our interviewer Kara Warner points out, it could get a little boozy...

...which may or may not be the reason for Josh Duhamel's enthusiastic response to the idea:

"St. Patrick's Day. YES," he enthused. Not only that, he's already got a story idea. "It's about a crazy little leprechaun, in Ireland."

And finally, a suggestion from Jake T. Austin: "Veterans Day?"

BZZZ! Nope! Sorry guys, but we've got the insight on this one, and Garry's next movie should clearly be... Talk Like a Pirate Day.

You're welcome.


Which holiday would you like to see Garry give his rom-com treatment to? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!