Best-Dressed Movie Character Of 2011: Vote Now!

We love our actors when they're dressed to the glamorous nines on the red carpet—but we love 'em even more when they're in character, on screen, and wearing the glorious confections dreamed up by a creative costumer. And this year, Hollywood handed a whole lot of stylish eye candy to gawk at during our favorite films! So, as we continue our Best of 2011 posts, there's just one question to ask: Which feature's fashion was tops this year? And the nominees are...

Ryan Gosling as Jacob in "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

We say "best dressed," but let's be real, we like his character's dapper wardrobe best when he's peeling off pieces of it to expose his Photoshop-worthy abs. (But, again, the suits were quite lovely...)

Reese Witherspoon as Marlena in "Water for Elephants"

Between her spangled costumes and glammed-out gowns, Reese's period wardrobe was positively sumptuous in this romantic drama set in the 1930s.

The lovely ladies of "The Help"

The vintage appeal goes up to 11 for this well-dressed cast, who showcased all the big hair, twirly skirts and epic hats that defined Southern style in the 1960s.

Kristen Stewart as Bella in "Breaking Dawn"

Forget about Kristen's look in the latter part of the film (y'know, where she's being devoured from the inside out by the undead demon fetus from hell?)—we're focusing strictly on her beautiful bridal getup for that long-awaited trip down the aisle.

The ass-kicking gals of "Sucker Punch"

The only thing better than watching the "Sucker Punch" cast punching, stabbing and shooting their way through a post-apocalyptic otherworld? The fact that they did it all in high heels and bustiers.