Peep EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal For Julie Kagawa's 'Immortal Rules'

If you've ever read even one of her bestselling "Iron Fey" fantasy novels, you know that Julie Kagawa is one killer storyteller. And if you've been dying for an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the cover of "The Immortal Rules," the very first book in her brand-new "Blood of Eden" series, well, prepare to be actually dead—because we've got it! Fangirls and fanboys, feast your tiny eyeballs on the glorious artwork that will precede your new favorite vampire story of all time. (See the full image after the jump!)

Say it with us now: OOOOOOOOOOOH. Talk about the pitch-perfect note of mournful creepiness for a book about a recently turned vampire who's desperate for the cure that'll make her human again! And if you're wondering how this new series will stack up to "Iron Fey," Julie herself let us know that we're in for more grit, more gore and plentiful ass-kicking at the hands of our undead heroine.

"Allison, the heroine of 'The Immortal Rules,' is a much different character then Meghan Chase of the 'Iron Fey'," Julie said. "Her world is darker, more savage, which has turned her into a fighter and someone who doesn't trust easily. As a human, Allie was snarky and sarcastic. As a vampire, Allie is snarky and sarcastic, and carries a sharp sword."

...Aaaand that sound you hear is every fantasy fangirl on earth, shrieking with frustration that we've still got to wait until May 2012 to get our hands on this bad boy.

But seriously, how cool does this look? Tell us everything in the comments and on Twitter!