EXCLUSIVE: 'Clockwork Prince' Author Cassandra Clare Interviews Audiobook Narrator Ed Westwick

Get off that fainting couch and into your corset because we're returning to Victorian London for another adventure with our favorite demon destroyers. The second novel in author Cassandra Clare's "Infernal Devices" series, "Clockwork Prince," is out today, and we have a special treat for all you Shadowhunter fans!

As you may know, the audiobook versions of "The Infernal Devices" are narrated by none other than "Gossip Girl" star Ed Westwick (in his amazing English accent, no less). So in anticipation of the recording's release, Cassandra called up Ed to ask him a few fan questions, and we have the EXCLUSIVE interview!

In the clip, Ed addresses several topics, including his own fave reads, but the query that got us most excited was whether he'd consider playing damaged yet dreamy Will Herondale in the film adaptation (currently in pre-production).

"I would love to. I would love to," he enthused. "It would be a great role. Just from reading the book—there's a lot of depth there. It's something I'd relish getting to be involved it. Let's all convince the studio to hire me and we'll be all good." (We'll be sending our letters to the powers that be right after lunch, Ed...)

Click play on the video above to hear more from Ed, including whether Will or Chuck Bass would win in a fight!

And don't forget we'll be chatting with Ms. Clare herself tomorrow, so send your burning questions for the author to @hollywoodcrush via Twitter. And if you live in the New York City area, be sure to stop by Cassie's book signing tonight at 7 p.m. at the Union Square Barnes and Noble. Ed will be there too!

For more information about the audiobook, including an excerpt and how to purchase, visit Simon and Schuster's website.

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